We would love to come to DJ,
decorate, light or fully manage your
wedding, birthday, gala or other event

Congratulating a newly married couple


All events are important and none more than your wedding. MusicZon can setup, manage and play at your wedding to help make it that extra special day

DJ Booth - our workspsace


Professional DJ gear and music from all eras and genres. We have a vast list of tunes, videos and karaoke

MusicZon sets up all aspects of the wedding celebration


We can help make your event have that wow factor by transforming your venue with great design using props, decor and lighting

MusicZon DJ plays piano for fantastic Jazz Singer

Live Music

If you need a PA, sound technician or lighting for a gig then we can support you. We can also manage live musicians and DJs together

About Us

We love music. We love setting up and running events. We would love to run your special event. From a small party for a couple of hours to a 12 hour event with DJ, MC, bands, entertainment and 500+ guests we will make the event run smoothly and exactly as you want it

MusicZon makes your event

DJ setups are usually straightforward but getting them to look great and fit with your decor and other requirements can take a bit of planning and flexibility

Maybe you have your own entertainment but need support for mikes, lighting and sound. You might like us to help with your decor or even planning and running your entire event

We are happy to meet with you at the venue and go through your requirements face to face

We have all the equipment to make this work for you including mixers for live music, satellite sound systems, backline speakers and monitors for live music, various sorts of mikes, uplighting, moving heads, specialist lighting, confetti canons, smoke machines, special effects, chair covers, backdrops, table decorations and much more

Confetti is not just for weddings

Above all we have experience and a passion to make your event exactly as you want it to be.

What We Do?

We provide music, entertainment, decorating, management and support for parties, weddings, corporate events, christenings, Christmas parties, special events and more

Parties and Events should be unique and memorable, so we work with you to make sure the decorations, sound setup, lighting, music selection matches your venue and wishes

We are DJs and we are musicians, sound technicians, lighting engineers, event decorators and project managers so we can fully integrate into your event. We will run your PA and lighting for your guest band or home-grown entertainment and we will provide all the equipment to support this


The Covid-19 Pandemic has sadly taken so many lives and blighted families. We have improved our procedures and practices to help make your events as safe as they can be

Our current full procedures regarding Covid-19 Risk Reduction can be found here.

We published documentation on all aspects of how we support you and venues from event tick lists, choosing speakers, setting up and controlling lighting and example playlists

We have extended our support for venues by adding our PAT testing service and inventory management to our installation, repair and maintenance services

We will have our contract management fully online by October 2020

Why Choose Us?

No two events are the same and we:

  • are passionate about providing you the best service
  • have a massive range of music
  • customise the setup for your event
  • have a range of sound systems to suit small to exceptionally large gatherings
  • provide themed lighting that is remotely controlled
  • will support other entertainment or bands
  • have industry standard project and event management qualifications and experience
  • are fully insured to £10 million public liability, employer liability & product liability (our certificate)
  • have a smartphone app to contact your DJ during your event for music, karaoke and other requests.
  • have a variety of special effects such as floor foggers, confetti blasters and more
  • are constantly updating our equipment and skills
  • have a wide variety of decorating materials and experience to transform your venue into an amazing photogenic party area
  • are completely flexible and will not charge extra for overruns or changes to the schedule within reason
  • are professional and enjoy what we do


We have a strong background in DJ and live music

We setup and test 'your' rig before packing to come to you

Supporting live music, especially alongside DJing, requires a different range of equipment. We have a full range of equipment to support DJ, live and mixed setups. These include:

  • silent disco with multichannel
  • professional live mixers from 8 to 64 channels
  • a fully controllable PA (sound system), including DSP, crossover, foldbacks, backline, DIs, snakes, etc
  • different kinds of mikes, mike stands as required
  • special effects like confetti cannons, low level smoke, bubbles, snow, flame effects, ...
  • polished, LED or video dance floors

We will work with your venue, other providers and can plan and manage your event from concept to packup

We will decorate and setup the venue for you if required and have a lot of materials including

  • Chair covers and sashes
  • Silk and Starlight backdrops
  • Table centre pieces, table runners and table skirts
  • Post boxes
  • Beer pong and other games
  • Props for theming


Here we are preparing for events with the guests enjoying themselves and the entertainment at the parties we have been part of


Here we some videos showing how we prepare for and setup events.


Example Setups

Every Event is Different

Every party and event is unique and we tailor our sound equipment, lighting, project management, DJing and entertainment to suit

We love what we do and will not beaten on price on a like for like basis. Below are some examples which give you a guide to the, setup times and equipment used for a typical party size and type.

Please note that these are examples and your setup will almost certainly be very different


Pricing is based on a combination of the time required to setup and run your event along with the equipment and consumables we will need to use. We would love to chat through your requirements and can usually give you an immediate fixed price along with a draft contract, if required


Whether you choose a small sound system to a large event setup we will prepare it at our studio, test it, deliver it, set it up within the prescribed time, run the equipment for you and pack it up at the end of your event

Spare Equipment

We always come prepared with a variety of spare equipment to ensure that we can adapt to any unforeseens and are always be able to provide our full service even if we were to have a technical issue

Delivery and Setup

Typically we like to get our equipment delivered and setup well in advance of the guest arrival and the party start.

This has several advantages and importantly now helps minimise the risk of spreading covid-19.

If you have live musicians to support, then we would allow extra time for sound checks and to make sure they are comfortable with the setup

Example Setups

  • Wedding
  • up to 120 people
  • 150 minutes setup time
  • BookDetails
    • RCF 735 1400W Speakers (pair)
    • APS Active 18 inch subwoofers (pair
    • Speaker poles
    • RU22 Wireless handset
    • RU22 Wireless handset
    • Full 4 deck DJ setup
    • Fusion Moving Heads (Wash)
    • Fusion Moving Heads (Wash)
    • Fusion Moving Heads (Gobo)
    • Podium - 1 metre - white
    • Podium - 1-1.5 metre - white
    • Ice Fogger
    • Confetti Blaster
    • Curve hangers and 12 inch mirror (pair)
    • All leads and accessories
    • DJ
  • Birthday
  • up to 80 people
  • 90 minutes setup time
  • BookDetails
    • RCF 735 1400W Speakers (pair)
    • Speaker Stands (mwt)
    • RU22 Wireless handset
    • Full 4 deck DJ setup
    • Full DJ overhead gantry setup
    • High level smoker or fogger
    • All leads and accessories
    • DJ
  • DJ & Band
  • up to 300 people
  • 210 minutes setup time
  • BookDetails
    • Bose 802 Speakers (pair)
    • Akustica 1600W Speakers (pair)
    • 1200W 15 inch Subs (four of)
    • PS 800W Amplifier
    • PS 1000W Amplifier
    • MACKIE 1400W Amplifier
    • PVIPR 1600W Amplifier
    • PV 3000W Amplifier
    • Bose dedicated DSP
    • DSP - 6 Way speaker control
    • Crossover 3 way
    • PV Hybrid 32 channel mixer
    • 400W Speakers (pair)
    • APS 8 inch 300W Speakers (pair)
    • B60
    • Roland KC550
    • Roland KC550
    • DI on rack mount
    • Shure SM58 Mike
    • Shure SM58 Mike
    • Shure SM58 Mike
    • Boom Mike Stand
    • Boom Mike Stand
    • Boom Mike Stand
    • Drum Mike Kit
    • Full 4 deck DJ setup
    • All leads and accessories
    • DJ
    • AV Techniciam
  • House Party
  • up to 50 people
  • 90 minutes setup time
  • BookDetails
    • APS 8 inch 300W Speakers (pair)
    • APS 12 inch Sub (single)
    • Speaker poles
    • 2 Deck DJ controller
    • Simple DJ Lighting
    • All leads and accessories
    • DJ

Typical Extras

  • Frequent Extras
  • BookDetails
    • Uplighting * 4
    • Parcans 180W as uplighters * 4
    • Ice Fogger
    • Confetti Blaster
    • Bubble Blaster
    • Flame effect lighting
    • Snow Machine
    • Curve hangers and 12 inch mirror (pair)
    • Gobo Projectors (High Power)
    • Decorating Service
    • Event Management
  • For Live Music
  • BookDetails
    • 8 Channel Mixer
    • PV Hybrid 32 channel mixer
    • AER 60
    • Roland KC550
    • F1224 Wedge Monitor
    • DI Single
    • Shure SM58 Mike
    • Shure Beta 57 Mike
    • Drum Mike Kit
    • Straight Mike Stand
    • Boom Mike Stand
    • Shure wireless Mike
    • All leads and accessories
    • AV Techniciam
  • Decorating
  • BookDetails
    • Polished White Dance Floor
    • White LED Dance Floor
    • Chair Covers (white)
    • Tafetta Chair Sashes
    • Single span 3m starlit backdrop
    • Add Butterfly dressing to backdrop
    • Table Skirt (long)
    • Table Skirt (short)
    • Various styles of centrepiece
    • Decorating Service
  • Themes & Props
  • BookDetails
    • Original GPO Cast Iron Post Box
    • Beer Pong Table
    • Gatsby Themed Party
    • Grease Themed Party
    • Casino Royale Themed Party
    • 80S Themed Party
    • Decorating Service
    • Event Management

Your Event with MusicZon

If you have a party or corporate event coming up then contact us and we will see how we can make it perfect

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