Bullet Points on MusicZon's Procedures to Reduce Covid Infection Risk


Reducing risks of spreading the disease

We have been reviewing our current procedures with the objective of helping to reduce spreading of Covid. Many of these procedures have been in place for a long time but we felt the need to formalise them and introduce new mechanisms to further help keep contact to the minimum and reduce the risk of introducing the virus.

Our full procedures regarding Covid Risk Reduction can be found here.

To be effective this must be a combined effort and so MusicZon will work with the venue, other event providers, the customer and guests.


  • MusicZon staff (and those in contact with them) will be isolated from the business if they show any covid symptoms
  • MusicZon may decline or cancel engagements if we cannot play at them or run them safely

Contract Preparation

  • The use of phone, text, WhatsApp, video chat and email will be encouraged
  • Preparation of example playlists will be more strongly encouraged
  • MusicZon has strengthened its ability to transfer song titles from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, spreadsheets and other media into our DJ systems
  • Face to face meetings will be discouraged and time limited if they do become necessary. We will also adhere to the current government guidlines for social distancing and face masks

Equipment Preparation

  • Equipment will be more rigorously cleaned whilst being prepared for delivery
  • Appropriate antibacterial cleaning materials will be used for more delicate items
  • Special attention will be paid to cleaning customer equipment such as microphones
  • Live band support will be assessed on a case by case basis
  • All soft equipment will be laundered for every event prior to preparation and before being packed into storage


  • Transportation will be disinfected and cleaned before loading
  • Cab areas of transportation will be cleaned before loading and traveling
  • All equipment will be boxed or in travelling cases which will also be cleaned for each event
  • Cab area will have hand sanitiser and other cleaning materials replenished for each event
  • MusicZon will travel with disposable gloves and facemasks and any other government recomended protective equipment

Setup & Decorating

  • MusicZon staff will thoroughly clean hands before unloading, entering venues and periodically through setup
  • MusicZon staff will change clothes and wash hands before the arrival of guests
  • MusicZon staff will have gloves and masks available and use them as necessary
  • MusicZon staff will reduce physical contact by adding extra facades in front of the DJ


  • MusicZon will keep a phone contact list for venue staff
  • MusicZon will primarily communicate through the phone, text etc even whilst on site
  • MusicZon has made smart phone music request app available and this app can also send generic messages direct to the DJ desk


  • Only MusicZon staff will be allowed behind the DJ desk
  • MusicZon now has the facility take requests remotely through its Smart Phone app
  • MusicZon can also broadcast (or stream) music in CD quality from a remote DJ station direct to your event venue (see notes). We can also video DJ remotely.

Breakdown and Packup

  • MusicZon will not start to breakdown and packup until the venue is cleared of guests
  • MusicZon will clean all returned equipment before it is put back into storage


  • MusicZon will keep customer used equipment separate and be more rigorous about cleaning it before putting it back into storage