MUsicZOns Terms and Conditions in Brief

Terms and Conditions

We have kept our terms and conditions as simple as possible

It is your event and we want to help make your event the best it can be with the minimum of fuss


  • The email sent to you with the invoice is the agreement between Musiczon and you


  • MusicZon will reserve the equipment and people for your event as detailed in your agreement once the booking reservation fee has been paid
  • You do not need to pay anything beyond what has been agreed to the DJ at your event. For example there are no further charges for over-running agreed times within reasonable limits. We would request that you work with your DJ to avoid any misunderstandings. However your DJ reserves the right to work to the times set out in the agreement and you still need to allow enough time for MusicZon to pack up after the event
  • The charge is for MusicZon to provide the equipment & personnel to the event as described in your agreement
  • The booking reservation fee is non refundable
  • If you cancel within 14 days of your event then the full fee is payable
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal The details for payment are in your contract.


  • MusicZon requires sufficient time to setup before and pack up after the event (as outlined in the agreement)
  • MusicZon require sufficient time to setup and test the sound system with your guest musicians if appropriate


  • MusicZon will provide Public Liability (£10 million), Employer Liability (£10 million) and Product liability (£10 million) documentation on request. This is also available through our website
  • You are liable for the conduct of your guests and any damages they cause to our equipment


  • You will ensure we have safe and sufficient power outlets as described in the agreement
  • You will ensure we have sufficient space to set up & put out our equipment as detailed in the agreement
  • MusicZon will setup the equipment in a safe manner and secure cables et al with Gaffa tape, rigging straps and so on as appropriate
  • MusicZon will prepare and test all equipment prior to your event.
  • MusicZon tests all electrical equipment and this testing exceeds that required for PAT testing. PAT testing certificates are available on request.
  • MusicZon will provide its own safety equipment where necessary
  • MusicZon has standard working practices to reduce standard risks. MusicZon can provide bespoke risk assessments for larger and more complex events
  • We have added extra measures to reduce the risks of spreading Covid. These are detailed in our section on Covid


  • MusicZon reserves to right to record, capture or reproduce your event unless requested otherwise beforehand
  • MusicZon may request a testimonial after the proposed date, however you will not be obliged to give one
  • MusicZon will behave in a professional manner throughout the event (from arrival to departure)
  • We will provide a substitute DJ and equipment in the unlikely event that your allocated equipment and/or DJ are not available (through breakage, illness etc). This is detailed in the agreement